In order to #MedOuttheVote, healthcare institutions — schools, hospitals, clinics, etc. — will need to ensure that their students,  staff, even patients all have access to vote.

We have written a template letter addressed to medical school deans that Organizers can use to promote voting at their own medical schools.

Download the template and add your Dean's name and your organizers' names, and email to your school's administration.

Promoting the vote

Ask your administration, if they are not already, to send communication to students or staff that they should register to vote and that they should vote in this election.

Ask your administration to share the #MedOuttheVote pledge.

Ask your administration to support you in organizing a voter registration drive or to incorporate voter registration into their protocols (e.g. student/employee orientation, patient registration).

Reducing barriers

Work with your administration to determine barriers that your students/staff might experience in voting.

  • They may not feel that their vote is important.
  • They may not have time with class or with clinical duties to be able to get to the polls.
  • They may be traveling for a rotation and unable to get to their voting precinct.

Work with your administration to determine solutions and implement them.

  • Send out communication highlighting the important of voting, especially for healthcare providers and providers-in-training.
  • Allow students to take time from class to be able to get to the polls.
  • Arrange coverage for clinical duties for housestaff to be able to get to the polls.
  • Remind those who are traveling to request absentee ballots. 
  • Assign a point person within the administration who can advocate for students/staff to have voting access.