In the fight for healthcare, the most powerful tool we have is our vote.

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Healthcare is getting political.

Every day it is becoming clearer than ever that healthcare is heavily influenced by policies and politics. Our ability to care for our patients is being determined not just in the hospital or in the home, but also on the Hill. 

And healthcare is incredibly important for voters this year, with 22% ranking it as their top issue above the economy, guns, taxes, or immigration.

Healthcare needs your vote.

Therefore, we are calling on healthcare providers and providers-in-training across the country to make our voices heard and #MedOuttheVote. 

We need to vote, we need to help others vote, and we need to get out the vote.

Pledge to #MedOuttheVote.


I will vote.                       

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I will help others vote.

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I will get out the vote.

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Will you make the pledge?